GE Cook's Hamper

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GE Cook's Hamper

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Like to experiment in the kitchen and try different flavours? This uniquely Australian hamper includes a diverse range of products, from both Indigenous (50%) and non-Indigenous businesses, integrating native plant ingredients from Australian desert, alpine and coastal environments.

The Game Enough Cook’s Hamper includes the following products:

  1. Australian Yellow Curry Powder (Outback Chef)

  2. Outback Bush Curry Powder (Outback Chef)

  3. Lemon Myrtle Infused Olive Oil (Indigiearth)

  4. Wattleseed Chilli Paste (Max’s Black)

  5. Dorrigo Pepper Fettuccine (Barbushco)

  6. Smokey Bush Tomato Damper Mix? (Tuckeroo)

  7. Lemon Myrtle Syrup (Barbushco)

  8. Native Spice selection (Game Enough)

  9. Coo-ee Cuisine cookbook (Dale Chapman)

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Wattleseed Chilli Paste

The unique nutty/coffee flavour of Australian roasted wattleseed, infused with a distinctive blend of bush herbs in Max’s Black Chilli Paste, creating a burst of flavours that will add a full bodied nutty flavour with attitude to any dish.

MAX’S BLACK: is a Western Australian Indigenous owned business creating a small range of boutique, high quality, native fusion sauces and condiments.

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Lemon Myrtle Syrup

Lemon Myrtle is one of Australia's better known flavours. This syrup from Barbushco with its hints of lemon, lemongrass and lime makes a great addition to pancakes, icecream, fruit salad or a range of drinks.

BARBUSHCO: is a non-Indigenous family owned business based in the Port Macquarie region of NSW. It is dedicated to preserving the art of traditional Australian bush foods, including the cultivation of a diverse range of organically grown indigenous foods, bush tucker, fruits, herbs and spices.


Lemon Myrtle Infused Olive Oil

100% Australian olive oil infused with the earthy lemon tones of Australia’s lemon myrtle leaves. Perfect in salads, pasta, fish and chicken dishes.

INDIGIEARTH: is an award winning 100% owned and operated business based in the wine country of Central West NSW, Mudgee. Indigiearth supports wild harvesting, where possible, and purchases its native raw ingredients from Aboriginal communities across the country, as well as actively assisting Aboriginal communities to set up wild harvesting and native plant business enterprises.


Australian Yellow Curry

A unique yellow curry paste incorporating various native plant flavours such as aniseed myrtle, native pepper and lemon myrtle. Perfect for seafood.

OUTBACK CHEF: is a non-Indigenous business focused on modern, wild Australian cuisine. They work directly with wild-harvesters, Indigenous communities, farmers and growers in regional and remote areas to source their native ingredients.


Coo-ee Cuisine Cookbook

Celebrated Aboriginal Chef, Dale Chapman, has produced this clever little cookbook in response to many years of requests for native food recipes. A straight forward collection of tried-and-true family recipes that will teach you how to absorb authentic traditional Aboriginal flavours into your cooking.

DALE CHAPMAN: is one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal native food chefs, based in Brisbane, and with a growing and diverse business portfolio, including First Food Co (including catering, events and cooking demonstrations), Native Drinks Co, Sacred Harvest native food collection etc


Outback Bush Curry

A rich, aromatic & spicy curry paste, infused with wattleseed, mountain pepper and aniseed myrtle. Perfect for red and white meats, or vegetarian alternatives.


Bush Damper

A smokey bush tomato flavoured damper mix. Add a can of beer (or water) and cook in a conventional oven, or a camp oven for a more authentic experience.

TUCKEROO: is a non-Indigenous business based in Adelaide, South Australia. Tuckeroo is proudly 100% Australian owned and is totally committed to developing a unique high quality range of Australian Native inspired products so anyone can easily bring indoors the amazing flavors of the outback. 


Dorrigo Pepper Fettuccine

Dorrigo Pepper is an Australian leaf pepper with a medium to hot flavour. This infused fettuccine is best served with tomato based sauces, such as bolognese.


Native Spice Selection

a small selection of Australian native spices for use in experimental cooking.