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Welcome to the new Game Enough catering menu. On the whole it is a pretty mainstream offering, to make it easier for those not really game enough to try our specialty products! If you don't quite see what you are looking for, please contact us to discuss your needs and we will see if we can help out, or come back at a later date, as we will be adding and changing things as we travel down this road.

Please also check out our CATERING EXTRA’s to complement your catering needs with waters, slab cakes, confectionary, bulk tea, coffee, sugar, biscuits, chips, soft drinks, disposables and various other items

Breakfast Menu


Morning/Afternoon tea





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  • Generally we will be able to supply sandwiches, fruit and sweets with 24 to 48hrs notice, however, whenever possible we would prefer to have at least 7 days notice, particularly for hot items, to ensure we have sufficient stock. (Feel free to call to determine our capacity for late notice orders).

  • Please ensure that you download the latest menu before ordering.

  • GE Catering will confirm all email orders within 4hrs. If email confirmation is not received, please call Greg on 0410146437 to ensure order has been received.

  • All Prices are inclusive of GST.

  • GE Catering is currently a delivery service only (service staff not available)

  • Game Enough is based at Brendale and all deliveries into the Brisbane CBD incur a $35 fee to contribute towards tolls, staff wages and vehicle running costs. Other locations will be via negotiation.

  • GE take food safety seriously and utilise our refrigerated vehicle to maintain food safe temperatures.

  • GE offer quality products, however, our Catering web-page images are generic in nature for visual appeal, and are not intended to represent our products.

  • Cancellations of less than 24hrs notice will incur an invoice for 50% of the order to cover stock losses and wage costs.

  • All purchases will be invoiced and can be paid via direct transfer or credit card.